In the Saddle - On the Wall

In the Saddle - On the Wall is an innovative art & digital storytelling project with artwork by leading artists of the Kimberley region alongside digital presentations of their stories about station life in the Kimberley cattle industry & the founding of an art movement. The exhibition’s digital content presents deeply personal stories of Aboriginal artists’ lives which are complex, funny, tragic & surprising. Ultimately the exhibition describes a journey of cultural resilience and demonstrates the contribution of Kimberley artists to Australia’s national history, art & cultural terrain.

In a partnership with ABC Open the In the Saddle - On the Wall project has been developed over a four year period and brings together 13 leading artists, their families and communities in the creation of digital stories to support an exhibition of powerful artworks and a dialogue about the Kimberley cattle industry and the contribution and commitment of Aboriginal people who have worked to build Australia’s wealth.

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In the Saddle - On the Wall