The Kimberley Region

The Kimberley is one of the world's last great wilderness areas. Covering nearly 423,000 square kilometres and with an estimated population of just 30,000 it has fewer people per square kilometre than almost any other place on earth.

The Kimberley has two distinct seasons, the dry and the wet. During the dry, which continues from May until October, the temperature is warm and comfortable. The wet, which extends from November until April, is characterised by heavy and short downpours in the evening or late afternoon, providing a refreshing change to the heat of the day.

When you visit the Kimberley region you can access all four of the art centres associated with Kimberley Aboriginal Artists.

Take the drive and discover the unique artwork of Aboriginal artists in the Kimberley.

Access PDF version of the here.

Outback touring in the West Kimberley

  Outback touring in the West Kimberley