What is authentic art and buying ethically?

The relationship between Aboriginal artists and the art market is complex and changeable, framed by many cross-cultural differences. Art centres are at the forefront of these intricate negotiations and present a compelling model for reconciling economic, cultural and social differences by turning these differences into a successful enterprise. Art centres achieve this by ensuring equitable and respectful relationships between artists and the art market.

Kimberley Aboriginal Artists links a network of community-based art centres that assure the artist, their art centre and community of the sale's benefits. All artwork produced by Kimberley Aboriginal Artists has cultural integrity and enduring provenance.

Artwork accurately attributes the artist, securing the authenticity of the work. The art centres also provide information on the story, the cultural context of the artist, and their work. They also provide a transparent history of the work's creation and sale, securing the provenance of the artwork.

Additionally, purchasing art through an art centre warrants there is equity and transparency in the financial arrangements for all parties, an important issue in an industry with pervasive, negative trade practice issues. These factors combined, ensure a buyer of ethical Aboriginal art.

Artist Andrea Pindan from Mangkaja Arts

Artist Andrea Pindan from Mangkaja Arts