Kimberley Aboriginal Artists is a powerful alliance that brings together four Kimberley art centres:

  • Mangkaja Arts
  • Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre
  • Waringarri Aboriginal Arts
  • Warmun Art Centre

Aboriginal owned and governed, the centres bring economic independence to artists by building a viable business and supporting the social, cultural and financial aspirations of members.

The alliance provides a portal for information on Aboriginal artists of the Kimberley. All proceeds from the sale of art are returned to the artists and their community art centre.

Kimberley Aboriginal Artists keeps Aboriginal culture strong by supporting cultural practice, recording important stories and celebrating artists' connections to their country.

The Kimberley Aboriginal Artists alliance is passionately committed to sharing the richness and diversity of Aboriginal art, language and identity.

Kimberley Aboriginal Artists also includes smaller art centres from across the region in projects that are culturally relevant. The alliance seeks to support these smaller art centres in building profiles and ensuring artists from across the region are represented and promoted.