About the Art - Mangkaja Arts

The artists of Mangkaja produce luminous, energetic paintings showcasing their country, culture, history and diverse stories. The meeting of desert and river cultures represented at Mangkaja, has created an exceptional creative range.

Mangkaja Arts has a has a long tradition of large scale collaborative projects and has produced major works such as the epic Ngurrara Canvas, a collaborative piece which maps the lands that form part of the Great Sandy Desert.

Located in Fitzroy Crossing, Mangkaja's artists come from four main language groups - Bunuba and Gooniyandi are from areas surrounding the middle stretches of the Fitzroy River while the Wangkajunga and Walmajarri groups, are from the south of the Great Sandy Desert.


Wakartu Cory Surprise painting at Mangjaja Arts

  Wakartu Cory Surprise painting at Mangjaja Arts